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Business Liability Insurance

When considering everything you need to do as a business owner, making sure you, your customers and your employees are properly protected should be at the top of your list. An easy way to tackle this to-do is to purchase solid business liability insurance.

Thankfully, our independent agents know the ins and outs of business liability insurance and will help you find the coverage that makes the most sense to you and your budget. So you can focus more on offering half-decent coffee and a well-stocked vending machine.

What Is Business Liability Insurance?

Business Liability  protects your business from the expenses, fees and monetary losses caused by accidents and other inherent risks that happen during normal business operations. These accidents could involve personal or property damage, among others.

Why Do I Need Business Liability Insurance?

In order to keep your customers and employees safe and your revenue stream flowing, having some form of business liability insurance is a good idea. If anything bad happens, your liability coverage will help keep you financially afloat if your business ends up in rough waters.

What Does Business Liability Insurance Cover?

Liability coverage will depend on the type you choose and the different things you want it to cover, from everyday mishaps to any bigger uh-ohs your business may run into over the years. 

The four different types include:

  • General liability: Covers any injury or damage caused by your company or products used in your business operations. 

  • Auto liability: For those everyday hazards that go hand in hand with driving. Just like you would need individual car insurance for a personal vehicle, businesses are required to get insurance on any company vehicles.

  • Employee liability: For any wrongful employment practices (including fiduciary, discriminatory, and those extra-uncomfortable office moments). 

  • Special liability: For all the weird things that don’t fall under the other three, including pollution, aircraft, special off-premise events, liquor, etc. 

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